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Lake Oswego Jewelers “My experience was flawless and my rings are to die for!”

I had my engagement ring & wedding band made at Lake Oswego Jewelers and it is the most stunning piece of jewelry I have ever seen. My fiancé and I provided the basic design for the rings. Patti and the man who made my rings gave us guidance. We were involved with every step of the process. Patti spent an unbelievable amount of time with us. First by listening & addressing our concerns, then ordering several diamonds for us to look at, then bringing us back before each step of the jewelry making process for us to approve the next step. Patti and her staff are very knowledgeable & Patti takes great pride in her business. When we picked up our final rings, we were both totally blown away. The pieces are more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. If you compare my ring to another jewelry store, their jewelry looks like it came out of a Cracker Jack Box! The difference in quality, color, clarity, & weight is unbelievable. Before having my rings made, we spent many weekends visiting many jewelry stores & trying on tons of rings and nothing comes remotely close to the quality & beauty of my ring, and surprisingly the price of my ring was very comparable to other jewelry stores. After not finding anything we liked & a very bad experience with other jewelers, my fiancé & I finally have the most perfect wedding rings. This is definitely a piece of jewelry that will be passed on for hundreds of years. Not a day goes by that I do not get a compliment on my ring from a stranger. I give Lake Oswego Jewelers the highest rating possible. My experience was flawless and my rings are to die for!

Brandy Mayes, Portland, OR

Jewelry Store – Lake Oswego, OR

  1. Linda Marshall
    October 2, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Lake Oswego Jewelers is absolutely wonderful. This is a family affair. Every time I go in they treat me with such kindness and I love that they are so professional, but also treat me like a best friend. Just recently I took in my engagement ring that was originally from my husband’s great grandmother. This is so precious to me and has been blessed twice. They cleaned it and prepared it for my son to give his amazing fiancee. They treated it like the family treasure that it is and sent along a wonderful book and jewelry holder and they did all of this without charging. When our son brought his wonderful fiancee in to look for a setting, they embraced them and were not pushy. Patty said to please go out and look and other stores and for them to take their time. Jenny fell in love with a pendant and they were able to turn the pendant into a beautiful engagement ring using our diamond. They did a beautiful job and took such care of our wonderful son and future daughter in law. I could not be happier for the love and kindness that they have shown our family. They are more than a Jewelry Store, they are the whole package. Thank you Lake Oswego Jewelers!!! The Linda and Bill Marshall Family

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