Order Review Cards


You can order your set of 10 JewelerReview Commentary Cards for $25 + $5 shipping by calling 888-872-0274 and providing us with your name and credit card number.

Once we receive the first card, we will notify you and charge $27 set-up and go through the process defined on the FAQ page.

For the second and every card thereafter, we charge $20 for scanning, transcription, entry, and submission to review sites, including JewelerReview.com  We will notify you whenever we receive a card so you can decide whether or not you’d like to be charged for its processing.

Bulk orders will be charged according to the postage needed per card, the labor to create and send the cards to you, shipping costs for the package to be sent to you, and the price of the cards themselves.

Monday – Friday: 9am until 5pm

Until our online contact form is activated please give us a call at 888-872-0274.

Thank you!

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