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Bella Jewelers “The Best!”

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Jeweler Review Service,

Peter and Michelle Fusaro of Bella Jewelers have been the BEST jewelers I’ve ever been to. To date they have done the following for me:  (They have pictures of my jewelry.)

  1. Replace fake stone in my Stanford Univ. class ring with a 6.06 [ct] blue sapphire with a double platinum setting.
  2. Created custom gold and platinum watch band using my family crest.
  3. Created custom ring with a 8.84 ct blue sapphire with a triple platinum setting on a pink gold ring.
  4. Created custom bracelet with a 9.90 ct blue sapphire triple mounted in a platinum on a pink gold and platinum bracelet.

JBP – Kent, CT

Jewelry Store – New Milford, CT


Bella Jewelers “Customers for life!”

Our son was given a beautiful vintage platinum diamond and sapphire setting by his Grandmother. He began the search to find the perfect diamond and craftsmanship to complete the ring to present to his now fiancee. Michelle and Pete were kind and helpful, understanding, and patient. They took time to educate and inform our son of the options and outcomes.  We were very pleased that this important piece never left their hands. The work was done promptly and on time. Because of their talent and compassion the engagement ring is a beautiful symbol and has made us customers for life. Thanks!


New Milford, CT

Jewelry Store – New Milford, Connecticut

Bella Jewelers “Best Jewelry Store in our area or any area!”

In our opinion, Bella Jewelers is the best jewelry store in our area or any area. Michelle and Peter Fusaro,the owners are more than just accommodating. They actually care about their customers!  The jewelery choices are in the store are wonderful and come in a wide variety. If they don’t have what you want, they can get it, or craft it themselves. Both Peter and Michelle design and make jewelry, so if you like one of a kind pieces this is the place to go. We discovered Bella Jewelers over 2 years ago, and will never go to another jewelry store again. We recommend them to everyone.

Cherie and Dave Pitchard

New Milford, CT

Jewelry Store- New Milford, Connecticut

Bella Jewelers “If you haven’t visited Bella Jewelers, I recommend you do so for your next quality jewelry piece!”

Bella Jewelers has become a household name for our family and friends. Their craftsmanship, honesty, reliability, and professionalism of not only Petter and Michele but, all of their employees make visiting Bella a pleasure. My family and I have purchased many pieces including custom rings and bracelets. If you haven’t visited Bella Jewelers, I recommend you do so for your next quality jewelry piece!

Eileen Buccieri

New Milford, CT

Jewelry Store- New Milford, Connecticut