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Schmidt Jewelers “They know what their customers like.”

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Schmidt Jewelers “We’re lucky to have them!”

Schmidt Jewelers “We’re a small town, so reputation matters.”

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We’re a small town, so reputation matters. The Schmidt’s have earned a reputation for honesty and fairness. They are well respected and also work hard for our community. Their store is lovely and they are always welcoming.

Harriet Scheurich

Jewelry Store – Arkansas City, KS

Schmidt Jewelers “Knowledgeable service, very friendly, and welcoming!”

Knowledgeable service, very friendly, and welcoming.

Thank You!

One thing that I really appreciated was that you didn’t treat me any differently – as I did not have my ring purchased in your store.

You generously cleaned it and gave me a suggestion on a repair need without any additional cost for the cleaning and  [evaluation].

Tabuha Lihr

Jewelry Store- Arkansas City, KS

Schmidt Jewlers “I enjoy shopping there!”

Schmidt Jewelers would rate 5 stars!!

Luke and Blanche and their staff are always helpful and friendly. They follow up purchases with thank yous and send communications frequently. I enjoy shopping there.

Cathy Wilcox

Jewelry Store-Arkansas City, Kansas