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Schmidt Jewelers “They know what their customers like.”

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Ballard and Ballard “I was blown away”

Schmidt Jewelers “We’re lucky to have them!”

Abby’s Gold and Gems – Uniontown, PA

West Essex Jewelers “The BEST!”

I am a confident, loyal customer of West Essex Jewelers. Joe has helped me with all of my jewelry needs from purchasing an expensive diamond bracelet (for my brother-in-law as a gift for his wife) to minor repairs and batteries. He has had my grandmother’s silver polished for a very reasonable price and then gave me an old silver box for storage. Because I am disabled his staff will often come to the curb as I drive up to p/u or deliver merchandise. The Best!

Nancy Auda, West Caldwell.

Jewelry Store – West Caldwell, NJ

Ballard and Ballard “Both Glen & Mary were terrific.”

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I have looked and looked for a jewelry repair.  I just started looking in my travels.  I came upon Ballard & Ballard.  Glen was more than helpful.  And I had my necklace fixed in 5 minutes.  Both Glen & Mary were terrific.  I will be back to look for a special piece of jewelry soon.  Thank you.



Jewelry Store – Fountain Valley, CA

West Essex Jewelers “I highly recommend this store!”

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I have been working with West Essex Jewelers for over 10 years.

Joe is exceptionally nice. Easy to work with and definitely has the best prices not only locally but out of state also. I highly recommend this store!


Glen Ridge, NJ

Jewelry Store – West Caldwell, NJ

Murduff’s Jewelry “I do not buy jewelry from anyone else!”

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I stumbled on Murduff’s years ago and have been a devoted customer ever since. The staff are always willing to take the time to discuss my wants, needs & desires. The jeweler is always open to my ideas; many of my pieces are a wonderful combination of my vague ideas and Kurt’s talent. I get tremendous feedback on my jewelry – I am sort of a walking advertisement for the store – and it is so nice to wholeheartedly endorse a vendor. I feel as if I am very well taken care of by Murduff’s, both in price & quality. I do not buy jewelry from anyone else!

Ellen Kennedy

Jewelry Store – Florence, MA

Ballard & Ballard “Their customer service is great!”

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Several years ago, I had a ring made at Ballard & Ballard from the double guard on my mother’s wedding ring. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with that ring but more recently, I thought I might want to wear the “set” as it had been given to me.

This year, I spoke to Glenn Ballard about a new setting. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this ring…I only knew that I wanted to wear it. Glenn asked me several questions which helped me realize why I didn’t wear the original set in the first place & helped me find something with which I am most pleased. I have chosen to keep the engagement ring as it has always been and Glenn will fashion a new guard that will be more in keeping with the engagement ring. I am so pleased with the choice I made & I’m sure that would not have been possible without Glenn’s help. He was most kind and considerate.

We are always well treated at Ballard & Ballard. Their customer service is great!

Yvette Macales- Gig Harbor, WA

Jewelry Store – Fountain Valley, CA

Schmidt Jewelers “We’re a small town, so reputation matters.”

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We’re a small town, so reputation matters. The Schmidt’s have earned a reputation for honesty and fairness. They are well respected and also work hard for our community. Their store is lovely and they are always welcoming.

Harriet Scheurich

Jewelry Store – Arkansas City, KS