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Ballard & Ballard “Their customer service is great!”

Several years ago, I had a ring made at Ballard & Ballard from the double guard on my mother’s wedding ring. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with that ring but more recently, I thought I might want to wear the “set” as it had been given to me.

This year, I spoke to Glenn Ballard about a new setting. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this ring…I only knew that I wanted to wear it. Glenn asked me several questions which helped me realize why I didn’t wear the original set in the first place & helped me find something with which I am most pleased. I have chosen to keep the engagement ring as it has always been and Glenn will fashion a new guard that will be more in keeping with the engagement ring. I am so pleased with the choice I made & I’m sure that would not have been possible without Glenn’s help. He was most kind and considerate.

We are always well treated at Ballard & Ballard. Their customer service is great!

Yvette Macales- Gig Harbor, WA

Jewelry Store – Fountain Valley, CA

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