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The Stone Jewelers “I deal exclusively with The Stone!”

I have dealt with jewelers (and jewelry stores) in NYC, Atlanta, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Dallas (in addition to NC from the coast through the Piedmont and the mountains). NONE is as professional, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful as Ronnie Wilson and his staff. As a result, I deal exclusively with The Stone. I have no reservations whatsoever in forgetting all others!

Carol Conner- Newport, NC

Jewelry Store- Boone, NC


The Stone Jewelers “I was very heartened and very impressed by my visit to this shop!”

A few days ago I went to STONE JEWELERS to find some sterling silver earrings; and to ask the jeweler’s assistance in removing earrings that a Florida jeweler had put in my ears after piercing them.  STONE JEWELERS fulfilled both matters in the most courteous and cooperative way; also in a way that showed great experience and expertise.  Furthermore, I was impressed by the knowledge which all the staff had regarding the jewels, watches, bracelets, etc. at STONE JEWELERS.  All in all, I was very heartened and very impressed by my visit to this shop – it had been recommended to me by a friend who thought them excellent and indeed they were.

Aida Redfield – Boone, NC

Jewelry Store- Boone, NC